Getting Listed

This "Where to Buy" directory is exclusive to ECOtanka retail offline and online shops that stock and sell ECOtanka products.  This system is designed to help you "the retailer" by directing customers in your area to your shop and helping with your online and offline search engine rankings.  We are here to help your business.  

Take some time to make sure you provide the correct information for your profile page to get the best results for your business.  


1. First, you need to create a NEW login account as below.  Click on "Exclusive" if you don't already have an account. 



2. Choose how you want to log in. 
You can log in with your Facebook account or create a system account as below.



3. Once you have created a profile account as below you are ready to set up your "where to buy" listing.  To get started, click the top right "SPONSOR AREA" link to go to your dashboard.

On this page, you will also see the link at the bottom left for linking your "Facebook" page to your listing.




4. Once in your dashboard, you can add content to your profile, edit extra information and see your profile statistics.  From this point, you can add your "where to buy" listing using the bottom left "Add a new content" or click the top right "ADVERTISE" to go to the "Add Listing" page.



5. Add a new content:  If you clicked "add new content" "Add Listing" you will see this screen below.  Click the "CHOOSE PLAN" and next to go to the listing page.  NOTE: You will not be charged if you have our code, this is to stop others from signing up until we find another solution.


                         Then click "continue"



6. ADVERTISE:  If you clicked the "ADVERTISE" link you will see this screen below.  Make sure you are on the "Listing Option" then click the "SIGN UP" button and next to go to the listing page.  NOTE: You will not be charged if you have our code, this is to stop others from signing up until we find another solution.



7. Adding your "where to buy" listing information.  Just follow the headings in the red boxes step by step and make sure to fill in all fields so your listing will work for you.   The more you add the better your results will be.



7a. Selecting Categories.  Please click on the category word to add it to your category list for your account.































8. Adding your contact information:  You need to add your contact information in the red boxes to make the system work for you.  The system will not show your email address.  Your website URL and phone number will be shown.



8a. Adding your Address information:  When adding your address information and to get the best out of the system please fill in all boxes in red as below.  NOTE: If you are an online shop and do not want to disclose your address for any reason this is ok, however, it is a REQUIREMENT to add Postcode, Country, State or Region and City.  The reason for this is if everyone just put Country and or State/Region all map markers will end up on top of one another in the centre of the selected area.

Please see instructions HERE for online shop address.

Once you have added your Country, the State area will show, if you can't see your State, just add it, if there is no States or Regions for your area, just add it.  Once State has been filled in City will show up, again just add it if it is not in any list.  Once City is filled in Suburb will show up. 




If you have more than one shop location you can add Additional Locations as below or add another listing using your ECOtanka CODE. If you just want to add "Additional Locations" we support up to 15 at this stage, but if you need more just let us know.  When adding additional locations it is important to make sure the following is completed.

9. When adding Additional Locations please follow the same requirements as the main address in order for the system to work.  We are hoping to have more fields available soon in our next upgrade so you are able to add phone numbers etc.... 





10. Next is your business additional information:  Add as much as you can for your customers to know more about you and to find your business.



11. SEO:  To make your page work on the internet the SEO is VERY important to complete.  Please follow the information in the red boxes and to the right side for instruction to make your page complete and workable for your business.





12. Lastly, you need to add the SPECIAL ECOtanka CODE we sent you.
Just add this code to this box and click save, then you are all done until next March when we will send you a new code to add.