To place a listing on our ECOtanka directory site you must be an active seller of ECOtanka products.

Please contact our authorised distributor within your country or region to receive a free listing code yearly.  Once you have this code, you will need to create an account and add a listing.  When setting up the new listing at the start underpayment just add the code we give to you and add it to the "Promotional Code" box at the bottom of the listing information page.  This code will need to be renewed yearly at the month of March so that all information is always up-to-date for customers.

Every year, we will send you a new code if you are an active ECOtanka retailer.  When you receive the new code, please log in and add the new code, also remember to check and make sure that your business details are correct and updated before you exit your account. 

To get added GO HERE