Online Shop Addresses

If you have an online shop and don't want to show your address, this is ok, we have found a way for you to still add most of your address without showing your location so your listing will still show up to customers.  

NOTE: Please follow this instruction carefully, the most important part is moving the map pin to a new location near you.  If this is not done and others do the same you will all end up showing in the same location on top of each other. 


Contact Information

Address - do not fill this in, just leave blank

Zip Code - Add your zip code

Country - Add your country

State - Add your state or region

City - Add your city (if you do not add your city you will show in the middle of your country)

Suburb - This is up to you, however, it is best to add for search results

Map Pin - Click and hold the map pin and move it to a location that does not have an address but is within your area.


Online shop address instructions