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We are a small Australian Business that exists to deliver you the very best quality products at the best price. We believe all of the products we sell help you live healthily - in Spirit, Mind and Body. Tried & Tested? You better believe it! We have been in business a long time and have regularly been amazed at the products that are passed off as 'good quality', 'safe' or 'healthy'. We no longe take people's word for it - we test. And test. And test some more. Actually, it would probably be more accurate to use the word 'abuse'! From every day use to our very active 6 children, to the worksite (as we develop an environmental and permaculture display) and even being driven over (yup not kidding!)...we want to know what we sell is not coming back. ECOtanka is one of the brands we trust. Check out our web store for more. You want to be safe - not silly: only buy brands that have been tested properly and hold up. Everything we sell is tested, used and trusted by us. If we sell it - it works.

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We love our store!

We love our store - so much so we have to rave about it every chance we get! Enjoy :)

March 2019

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