Promotions are an excellent marketing system and opportunity for you to drive new customers to your business.  New and current customers can share your promotions on social media networks to boost your sales and attract new customers.

NOTE:  You can promote any service or product you like here, as promoting other products and brands also promotes ECOtanka.

STEP 1: To add a promotion follow the instruction below.  You can add up to 10 Promotions per listing account.

ECOtanka Promotions


STEP 2: Adding your content to a promotion is easy, follow the instructions below, make it clear and add a great image that will attract customers and that they would want to share it with others.

ECOtanka Promotions


STEP 3: Add the dates you want to promote your deal, select the discount deal type, add your current value price then add the discounted price.  NOTE: when adding the price it is best to use the up and down arrows in each numbered box to set it.

ECOtanka Promotions


STEP 4: SEO is very IMPORTANT to complete.  The information you add here is searched by internet search engines so make it count if you want the world to see your promotion.  Then click save and you are underway.

ECOtanka Promotions


STEP 5:  View and check your Promotion making sure all information is correct and images are good quality.

STEP 6:  Getting your coupon code so you can add this to your online shop or make into a barcode for scanning at your checkout.

Good luck and all the best with your deal.

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