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ECOtanka Australia is looking for more retail shops to stock our products. If you have a shop and want to add new quality products to your range, fill out our wholesale account form at ( and send it to us, we will be excited to hear from you and work with you to provide our products to your customers. ECOtanka products have been sold on the market since 2005 and are very successful in New Zealand, Germany and throughout Europe with our own global support system for after-sales customer service. Added Support ECOtanka is a lot more than just a stainless steel product manufacturer and global distributor, we like to offer to help our customers succeed in selling our high-quality products to your customers, so they feel good about their purchase and your business. If there is a problem we take the stress away and deal with it to fix the problem. With our many years of experience, we know and understand our products and end-user customers.


Aaron Broderick

Phone: 07 3067 8909



ECOtanka Australia

ECOtanka Australia

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AuzzieChoice PTY Limited is trading as ECOtanka Australia, and is the only official Australian distributor for all ECOtanka products. The owners of ECOtanka Australia, Aaron Broderick and Lilian Zhu Broderick , currently living in Brisbane Australia


7 Evergreen Street
Ormiston, Redland, Queensland 4160