Hope Island, Gold Coast, Queensland 4212, Australia

ECOtanka Australia

Hope Island, Gold Coast, Queensland 4212, Australia


AuzzieChoice PTY Limited is trading as ECOtanka Australia and is the official Australian distributor for all ECOtanka products within Australia.

AuzzieChoice Pty Ltd specializes in the distribution of high-quality products that are of a reliable and reputable brand and of a needed purpose in the Australian market. We work closely with our global business partner to design, develop and manufacture quality products for the Australian people. We aim to provide the best choice of each product line for Aussies.

AuzzieChoice is the main distributor of ECOtanka Products within Australia. We are looking for new retailers to stock ECOtanka Products.

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Local Business within Australia
Wholesale Provider
Official ECOtanka Brand

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In business since 2018

ECOtanka original Bottles We Stock

  • miniTANKA 600ml Bottle
  • sportsTANKA 800ml Bottle
  • trekkaTANKA 1000ml Bottle
  • megaTANKA 2000ml Bottle

ECOtanka Vacuum thermoTANKA Bottles We Stock

  • 350ml thermoTANKA Bottle
  • 600ml thermoTANKA Bottle
  • 800ml thermoTANKA Bottle
  • 1200ml thermoTANKA Bottle
  • 2000ml thermoTANKA Bottle

ECOtanka FoodBOXs We Stock

  • pocketBOX 600ml
  • 2L FoodBOX Basic
  • 2L FoodBOX Advanced

ECOtanka Lids We Stock

  • PP - ScrewTOP Lid
  • PP - sports Lid
  • PP - Poly Loop Lid
  • PP - mega 2L Flip-Top-Lid
  • SS - Classic Lid
  • SS - Bamboo Lid
  • SS - Modern Lid

ECOtanka Kooler Covers We Stock

  • 600ml Kooler Cover
  • 800ml Kooler Cover
  • 1000ml Kooler Cover
  • 1200ml Kooler Cover
  • 2000ml Kooler Cover

ECOtanka Cups

  • Grail 350ml Double Walled Cup
  • Grail 350ml Bamboo & SS Lid

ChillMate Products

  • ChillMate 350ml S Stainless Steel Cup
  • ChillMate 350ml S Bamboo and SS Lid
  • ChillMate 450ml B Stainless Steel Cup
  • ChillMate 450ml B Bamboo and SS Lid


Hope Island, Gold Coast, Queensland 4212, Australia
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Plastic falling from the sky
October 15, 2019
Plastic falling from the sky

More than 10,000 particles (plastic, rubber, varnish, fibres) per litre were shockingly found in the Arctic snow fallen from the sky.